Little Critters!


This curriculum is centered around fascinating facts about bugs along with hands-on, bug-themed activities and experiments to engage preschool-age learners. This summer camp unit offers five 3-hour lesson plans. They feature suggestions for circle time, outside play, and table activities. Activities are standards aligned to ensure quality content that helps children gain knowledge and prepare for kindergarten.

About our lesson plans:

  • Developed and tested by a team of experienced, certified educators

  • Immediate PDF download upon purchase with unlimited use

  • Activity pages, extension activities, and additional resources included at no cost

  • Developmentally appropriate

  • Printable format that is also digital friendly with links and QR codes embedded in the lesson plans

Camp Outline:

  • Arrival activity- Creepy crawly puzzle play
  • Circle time- Facts about ants
  • Egg carton ants
  • Outside play- Look for bugs
  • Paint stick ant puppets
  • Center play- Ants
  • Reflection
  • Arrival activity- Bee painting
  • Circle time- Facts about bees
  • Bumblebee craft
  • Outside play- Draw bugs
  • Bumblebee puppet
  • Center play- Sensory table
  • Reflection
  • Arrival activity- Creepy crawly fun
  • Circle time- Facts about ladybugs
  • Ladybug rock craft
  • Outside play-Digging for bugs
  • Ladybug craft
  • Center play- Art center, imprints
  • Reflection
  • Arrival activity- Butterfly cards
  • Circle time- Facts about butterflies
  • Caterpillar craft
  • Outside play-Crawl like a caterpillar
  • Caterpillar-butterfly craft
  • Center play- Science center
  • Reflection
  • Arrival activity- Coloring bugs
  • Circle time- Facts about spiders
  • Catch a fly game
  • Outside play- Searching for spiders
  • Yarn spider webs craft
  • Center play-Catch a fly
  • Reflection