Explore the Rainforest!


Rainforest Adventures is an interactive school-age single-day lesson plan that encourages children to construct knowledge through thoughtfully planned activities and active exploration of their environment. Children will learn about the rainforest and what makes it so vast and green. While the lesson plan incorporates many different Pennsylvania Learning Standards, it focuses on the key learning area of “Scientific Thinking and Technology.” Specifically, children will engage in learning activities that meet the PA Standard Areas: Biological Sciences, Earth Sciences, and Environment and Ecology.

About our lesson plans:

  • Developed and tested by a team of experienced, certified educators

  • Immediate PDF download upon purchase with unlimited use

  • Activity pages, extension activities, and additional resources included at no cost

  • Developmentally appropriate

  • Printable format that is also digital friendly with links and QR codes embedded in the lesson plans

  • Class discussion- Rainforest
  • Cupcake Liner Parrots
  • Rainforest Reenactment
  • Sleepy Sloths
  • Leapin’ Frogs
  • Social-emotional learning – Wrinkled Hearts
  • Draw a Sloth