Watch out, TIMBER!


This summer camp lesson plan is centered around the towering trees with hands-on, outdoor-themed activities and experiments to engage preschool-age learners. This summer camp unit offers five 3-hour lesson plans. They feature suggestions for circle time, outside play, and table activities. Activities are standards-aligned to ensure quality content that helps children gain knowledge and prepare for kindergarten.

About our lesson plans:

  • Developed and tested by a team of experienced, certified educators

  • Immediate PDF download upon purchase with unlimited use

  • Activity pages, extension activities, and additional resources included at no cost

  • Developmentally appropriate

  • Printable format that is also digital friendly with links and QR codes embedded in the lesson plans

Camp Outline:

  • Arrival activity- Tree puzzles
  • Circle time- All about trees
  • Tiny trees
  • Outside play-Tree rubbings
  • Tree diagram
  • Center play- Different trees
  • Reflection
  • Arrival activity- Paint with apples
  • Circle time- What grows on trees?
  • Making applesauce
  • Outside play-Apple wash sensory bin
  • 3D Apple trees
  • Center play- Patterns
  • Reflection
  • Arrival activity- Explore with a magnifying glass
  • Circle time- Life cycle of trees
  • Planting bean seeds
  • Outside play-Observe and find
  • Life cycle of a tree hat
  • Center play- Paint trees
  • Reflection
  • Arrival activity- Animal coloring page
  • Circle time- What lives in trees?
  • Who lives in trees?
  • Outside play – Take a walk
  • Paper plate owl craft
  • Center play- Natural materials
  • Reflection
  • Arrival activity- Tree discs
  • Circle time- What we do/make with tree parts
  • Papermaking
  • Outside play- Fly like a bird
  • Craft stick builders
  • Center play-Sensory table – Woodworking tools
  • Reflection