Designed by teachers.

Loved by children.

Best Day Ever! is an easy, affordable curriculum resource for summer camps, days off from school, and more. Written and tested by teachers, it offers ready-made, standards-aligned lesson plans adaptable to the needs of all learners.

What our customers say…

“The kids and I learned a lot with these lesson plans.”

“The kids had fun getting messy with the Messy Masterpieces lesson plan.”

“This lesson plan was made fun for the kids, and they really enjoyed it.”

“We have an end of summer carnival – so we waited to do the Carnival Crazy curriculum until our last week. The kids really enjoyed all the activities!”

“The Messy Masterpiece lessons really gave the children the opportunity to learn about the different types of art and create their own masterpieces.”

“The Get Up and GO lessons really gave our school agers the chance to get up and burn off some of their energy. (They seem to have so much!) The children really seemed to enjoy it.”

“These lessons were easy to follow and do with the kids.”

“All materials were focused around the same topic and gave the children the opportunity to dive into the topic and explore it through many facets that were hands on and fun.”