Are you pressed for time?

We’re expected to do it all – juggle managing a classroom, communicating with parents, planning lessons, meeting children’s emotional needs, and so much more. But with staffing shortages and rising costs, we don’t always have the support we need.

While teachers and staff members are devoted to caring for kids, we ask ourselves, who is taking care of you?

Best Day Ever! lightens your load!

Best Day Ever! transforms out-of-school time learning. Each lesson is written by teachers for teachers with a focus on providing hands-on activities that engage young learners. Activities are built around affordable and recycled materials, many of which teachers already have on hand.

Lesson planning made easy.

Best Day Ever! makes planning a breeze, allowing teachers to spend more time doing what they love: teaching children! Our well-developed, standards-aligned lesson plans come complete with a shopping list, activity pages, book suggestions, and supplemental video links. Lesson plans are offered for school-age and preschool students. They incorporate igh interest themes including STEM/STEAM (science, technology, engineering, math, and art), arts and crafts, and music and movement.

For any program, for anyone.

Presented in an easy-to-use format that is downloadable to any device, Best Day Ever! plans can be used in any childcare, community-based, or out-of-school time program. Each plan also includes sample marketing language, making it easier for program directors to communicate with families about what children can expect. With Best Day Ever!, it truly can be the best day ever for teachers and children!